AI People – New Game Announced By GoodAI

AI People: Announcing the next evolution of gaming AI NPCs!

GoodAI, the sister company of Space Engineers developer Keen Software House, have revealed their brand new game. 

AI People is a sandbox game where you create and play scenarios with AI NPCs that interact with each other, the environment, and you! They learn, feel emotions, pursue goals, dream, and dynamically craft an emergent AI-generated story.

 Key Features of AI People:

  • Behavioral AI NPCs: They have unique personalities and long-term memory. They actively interact with the environment, other NPCs, and the player, skillfully utilizing tools, and setting personal goals.
  • Dynamic Gameplay: No fixed plots; NPCs’ choices and emotions craft emergent stories. They adapt to players, the environment, and fellow NPCs, and establish intricate relationships
  • Two Game Modes: Experience the world as a character or shift to creation with the integrated editor, shaping NPCs’ lives and crafting unlimited narratives.
  • Endless Replayability: Driven by AI and user content, each game session is a fresh, original, constantly evolving narrative journey.

Read Our CEO Marek Rosa’s Blog Post:

Watch The Game Reveal: