Sandbox World Ruled by
AI-Powered NPCs

AI People is a Sandbox featuring AI-powered NPCs that freely pursue their own goals. Engage with Agents that interact with the environment, talk and form relationships with each other, and live their own lives.

Befriend or manipulate them with a level of freedom no game has achieved before.

Our Agents:

    🌍 Are more than just chatbots - they not only talk, but interact with their world and environment.
    💬 Have dynamic conversations with both the player and each other.
    🤝 Hold evolving relationships that are affected by player decisions.
    😀 Feel various emotions, which influence the way they talk and behave.
    ✒️ Are interesting and engaging thanks to their unique backstories.
    🎯 Create their own goals, which continually evolve as they interact with the world around them.


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