AI People

They Think. They Feel. They're Alive.

AI People is a fun sandbox game where you create and play your own scenarios. The game features AI-powered NPCs that learn and interact based on your decisions.


Dynamic Gameplay

No fixed plots; NPCs’ choices and emotions craft emergent stories. They adapt to players, the environment, and fellow NPCs and establish intricate relationships

Behavioural AI NPCs

They have unique personalities and long-term memory. They actively interact with the environment, other NPCs, and the player, skillfully utilizing tools and setting personal goals.

Two Game Modes

Experience the world as a character or shift to creation with the integrated editor, shaping NPCs’ lives and crafting unlimited narratives.

Endless Replayability

Driven by AI and user content, each game session is a fresh, original, constantly evolving narrative journey.


Frequently Asked Questions

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AI People is a game that combines sandbox simulation with Adventure and RPG elements. AI-driven NPCs learn, feel, interact with their environment, utilize tools, and communicate with other NPCs. Instead of a fixed plot, NPCs dynamically respond to the player, environment, and each other, resulting in emergent storylines. Take your place as a character in an emerging story, or craft unique scenarios in the editor.

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Detailed pricing information will be announced later. For now, it's important to note that our AI NPCs operate on LLMs (large language models) housed in data centers. Given the significant infrastructure costs, especially considering that the game generates thousands of LLM tokens every hour, we're actively exploring solutions to scale this operation efficiently.